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Past Pupils

Past pupils - where are you?

Howick Prep SchoolThe learners of the school, past and present, form the most important part of school life. The current learners provide many challenges and moments of joy while the past pupils give us a sense of history.

You are certainly NOT history, however, as far as Howick Prep is concerned!

We would like to make contact, or in some cases, re-establish contact, with past pupils. The first step in this direction is to develop a data base of contact details so that we may begin a process of  communication with you.

How past pupils can support this initiative:

Provide us with your contact details. 

Provide us with the correct spelling of names, (including maiden names), current profession/career, or are you happily retired?
Please share one or two short little stories about YOUR school days with us!
Pass contact details of other past pupils on to us or attempt to locate past pupils of your era.
We look forward to meeting you and perhaps swapping some good stories. 
You can send your details to the school and get any further information by emailing  

Many thanks.