Howick Prep Boarding Establishment, our ‘Home from Home’ for weekly boarders in grades 1- 7.

We offer our children a comfortable, loving environment, with a structured daily routine, while keeping it relaxed and cosy. We have a daily duty staff member to assist and guide the children and to entertain them in the evenings. Prep time is a supervised and quiet time, allowing the children to give of their best and ask for assistance where needed.

Our matron, Mrs Sol Macdonald, provides us with three well-balanced and yummy meals each day, with tea-times in-between. Matron also takes care of us all when we are “not feeling so good” and provides a laundry service. Mrs Sue van Rensburg, our hostel superintendent, takes care of the children, parents and staff and offers in-house counselling where needed.

We have a lovely garden equipped with jungle gyms, basket ball nets, a sandpit and equipment for all ball games. The dorms provide the children with cubicles and a lock-up bedside locker. The children personalise their space with their own duvet, fluffy toys and pictures.

We are one big happy family in our “Home from Home” B.E.