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"The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values."  - William S Burroughs

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Teaching Staff

Our teachers are expected to attend in-service training courses and have a good working relationship with other primary and high schools, ensuring that teaching trends are up to date. 

Internship Program

We offer an Internship Program to Students studying towards their Bachelor of Education in either Foundation Phase, Intermediate Phase or Senior Phase, via correspondence through a Tertiary Institution.  This enables us as a school to employ an Intern for each Grade and offer assistance to the Class Teachers as well as providing the Student with hands-on experience and mentoring whilst studying.

Further Opportunities

All pupils are given a fair opportunity of developing their skills and talents. Pupils who demonstrate a good work ethic and aptitude for certain subjects are encouraged and extended to do more challenging activities, tasks or research, and enter external competitions such as the Olympiade, Horizon Maths and Beyond Maths, “Kidz Lit” quiz, etc.  Howick Prep is very proud of the achievements of its pupils who achieve some of the best results in the province in these various competitions each year.  The development of leadership skills are considered to play a vital role in the holistic development of the child.  Pupils are afforded opportunities where these skills can be nurtured and developed.


Pupils who find the various concepts and skills in class difficult to grasp are given expanded opportunities to try and master the concepts that they may lack.  This “bridging aid” is brought about in a variety of ways, by the class teachers and through support and remedial lessons.  These children are assessed and programmes are developed to assist them achieve their potential.       

Learner Support

At Howick Preparatory School we believe in providing a supportive emotional, social and academic environment that will assist each of our learners to achieve their full potential in all sphere of life.


Our Learning Support Programme aims to provide specialised academic support to some of our learners. In the programme, leaner’s specific academic needs will be identified and an Individual Learning Support Programme will be designed and implemented to support the learner in achieving their full potential. This programme will include a one hour, 2-on-one, NILD educational therapy session, with our learning support specialist, per week as well as an individual classroom intervention plan which will be implemented by the learner’s class teacher. We strive to provide learners with the opportunity to make use of their concessions in the Senior Primary as well as to encourage them as much independence as possible.

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Intermediate Phase

Learner Admission

When admitting learners to Howick Preparatory, the following should be provided:


  • Unabridged Birth Certificate/Passport

  • Latest Pre Primary/School Report

  • Completed Application Form

  • Copy of immunisation form


  • Proof of permanent residential address

  • Copies of parents’ ID/passport

  • Financial Clearance from the previous School

  • Agreement to Pay School Fees document

Senior Phase


Grade 7 forms the first year of the Senior Phase.  During the course of the year, pupils are taught and assessed in no less than nine learning areas; these being English, Afrikaans/isiZulu, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Natural Science, Technology, Economic Management Science, Arts and Culture, Life Orientation and Physical Education.  A system of subject teaching has been adopted which enables the pupils to benefit from specialist teachers in various subjects. This goes a long way in preparing the children for the demands of high school.


Assessment is done continually throughout the year in accordance with Departmental requirements.  Academically, Howick Prep has a proven track record, and proof of this is the number of pupils who are awarded scholarships to the various top state and private schools in the province each year.


A Potjie Day is held as part of the EMS programme.  The children’s advertising, budgeting, fire making and cooking skills are put to the test.  At the end of the day, parents are invited to taste the local cuisine.  The annual production of the Grade 7 Play is another highlight on the school calendar.  This gives the children the opportunity of displaying other talents such as acting, singing and dancing.  Many of our children also enjoy success in the annual Speech and Drama Festival.

Intermediate Phase

GRADE 4 - 6

The Intermediate Phase includes all pupils from Grades 4 to 6.  It is in this Phase that learners are introduced to an expanded learning programme.  These areas include Languages, Mathematics, Natural Science & Technology, Social Sciences and Life Orientation (Art, Music and Physical Education). Our pupils learn to work more independently, move from concrete to abstract understanding, and are encouraged to develop effective teamwork skills. There is a focus on learning values and skills as well as demonstrating what has been learnt.  


In each grade learning is made exciting and relevant by incorporating and organising special days, trips and educational evenings. Parents and pupils are able to share in the learning, e.g. at Technology evenings, building bridges and towers, learning about structures by using straws, and learning about electricity through various experiments.  The Grade 6 pupils are also able to demonstrate their ballroom dancing skills to their proud parents at the annual Grade 6 Dance.

Each grade experiences a "sleep out" trip during the year:


Grade 4:
Grade 5:
Grade 6:

2 Days, 1 Night
3 Days, 2 Nights
3 Days, 2 Nights

Foundation Phase


The Foundation Phase provides a wonderful environment where your child can learn and grow in small classes. The curriculum consists of three learning areas - Literacy, Numeracy and Life Skills (Art, Music, Physical Education and Computers).  Homework is given every day from Monday to Thursday.  This should not take longer than 20 – 30 minutes to complete.


During the year all pupils are encouraged to participate in our Fun Gala, Grandparents’ Day, Parent and Child evenings, Sports Day and the Christmas Nativity play.  Various class excursions are arranged which ensure that learning remains fun and relevant throughout the year.  Pupils are assessed according to the National Assessment Protocol which requires continuous assessment throughout the year.  Parents are invited to attend Parents’ Evenings during the course of the year when they have the opportunity of viewing their child’s work and of interacting with the teachers.

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